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Custom Engineered Products

A Reputation of Excellence...

PCI ENGINEERING has met a wide range of switchgear and controls specifications. Our experienced personnel translate your requirements into equipment that fits your application. We also assist in preparation of unique or special layouts.

Startup, design, maintenance and troubleshooting are available. Complete engineering drawings are prepared for each order using standard CAD formats. Submittal drawings are processed in days rather than weeks. In emergency situations drawings can be submitted with quotation, or immediately following order placement.

PCI employs top-notch quality assurance personnel and procedures because we want our customers coming back. We are proud of our quality record. Trained technicians and rigorous testing and control go into every project. PCI has met the most demanding military, government and private quality assurance standards. We will also test to specific customer requirements and welcome customer witness of these tests at our facility.

Custom Fabrication and Engineering

PCI provides custom sheet-metal fabrication to your order, quick service and reasonable pricing. Our numerically controlled machinery, punches, breaks, shears and more, assure you of up-to-date fabrication methods and high-quality. Power Controls specializes in custom electrical enclosures.

Flexibility is a PCI Cornerstone

We will build to match existing gear or transformer. We will use the customers choice of manufacturers for power breakers or air breakers. Height, depth, main buss location are also areas the customer can influence when desired.

Custom enclosures to your specifications
Custom arrangements of all kinds are available

All of our products are manufactured to current industry and utility standards.