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About Power Controls, Inc.

Power Controls, Inc. (PCI) is an independent manufacturer of power distribution and control equipment. We continually prove on a daily basis that you do not have to sacrifice quality or price to get superior customer service and design flexibility. Whether your switchgear and control needs are standard or special, we provide quick response, design and flexibility and top quality materials.

PCI was organized in 1975 to provide switchgear to the electrical construction market. Our attention to quality and quick turnaround has gained us wide acceptance by major utilities, commercial, industrial and government installations, domestically and abroad.

PCI introduced the first UL listed medium voltage load interrupter switchgear.

All of our products are manufactured to current industry and utility standards. Our panelboards, low voltage switchboards, load interrupter (LI) switchgear, bus duct, unit substations and motor controls are UL listed.

PCI introduced the industry's first UL listed unitized substation.

Because we are independent, we can select from all major suppliers and brands of components to meet your requirements. High quality materials and state-of-the-art components are used in the manufacture of all PCI products.

Our engineering department has met a wide range of switchgear and controls specifications. Our experienced personnel translate your requirements into equipment that fits your application. We also assist in the preparation of unique or special layouts. Start-up, design, maintenance, and troubleshooting are available. Complete engineering drawings are prepared for each order. In emergency situations, drawings can be submitted with the quote or immediately following the order placement.

PCI employs top-notch quality assurance personnel and procedures. Trained technicians and rigorous testing and control go into every project. PCI has met the most demanding military, government and private quality assurance standards. We will also test to specific customer requirements and welcome customer witness testing.

All of our products are manufactured to current industry and utility standards.